Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the requirements to join the study?

  • Current Caregiver to someone with Alzheimer’s disease
  • Between the ages of 45-75
  • Female or Male
  • Own an Android or iPhone with internet access, ability to download and use apps
  • Willing to complete digital surveys and be enrolled in the study for 12 weeks

You cannot participate if you:

  • Have a known cognitive diagnosis (e.g. dementia)
  • Are color blind
  • Have a score of severe on the behavioral assessment

2.  What will I have to do?

The study has two parts (if you qualify and are selected)
First you will complete a demographics survey that will ask about such things as your age, gender, education, and caregiver role. Next, you will be taken through the screening process where you will complete three surveys related to sleep, caregiving burden, and a behavioral analysis. The first part is then done!!

After the initial screening, if you qualify and are selected you will be placed into one of the following 12 week sections…

If during the screening should you be found to have a high level of caregiver burden and are randomly selected, you will be contacted via email and invited to download the Mindoula and DANA applications. You will then participate in the Mindoula program and take DANA weekly for 12 weeks. Due to limited availability, not everyone who qualifies will be invited to participate.

The Mindoula program will connect you with a case manager, with whom you will be able to communicate daily. The case manager will track how you are doing and provide you with resources to cope with depression symptoms and the burden of caregiving as well as general support. You will also take health surveys on a regular basis.

DANA Wellness:
If you are not found to meet the burden or behavioral criteria during the screening process, but still qualify under the other criteria and are randomly selected, you will be invited to download the DANA app with accompanying one-question wellness surveys and can take them at your discretion over the 12-week period. You will also be asked to complete health surveys on a regular basis as well as provide us feedback on your experience with the DANA application.

Those who are not invited to participate in Mindoula but still meet the depression and burden criteria may be contacted via email to participate by taking health surveys for 12 weeks. At the end of this participation, you will be able to participate in the full DANA Wellness program as described above.

3. Will I be paid or have to pay for taking part in this study?
You will not be paid for taking part in this study, and you will not be charged for participation. All applications and surveys are free.

4. Will my information be safe and private?
We will do our best to make sure that the personal information we collect about you is kept private and secure. Your information will be used for research purposes only, and all identifiable information will be removed. The Health eBrain Study will never sell, rent, or lease your contact information. For more information on security, see the site’s privacy policy.

5. What if I no longer wish to participate?
You can decide to stop at any time. There will be no penalties for stopping the study. We won’t delete the information about you that we’ve already collected, but we will stop collecting any new information about you.

To stop participating in the study, please send an email to the study staff at:

6. Who can answer my questions about the study?
For any further questions, you can email the study at or use one of the other options described in the “Contact Us” section of the website.

Should you have any technical questions about the Mindoula app or need assistance with using it, contact Mindoula via email at

7. I am enrolled how do I download DANA?

Please visit